Dollarphotoclub_51498023With the “Wedding Season” (aka Summer) well and truly over, why not consider a winter wedding? We can still get those incredibly beautiful clear days that are simply amazing, over. It just means everyone has to wrap up a little warmer.
Without the high seasonal demands placed upon venues, celebrants etc, you can take your pick. And there are so many gorgeous capes and coats out there to keep you nice and toasty! And think open fires, candles and cosiness!
The main concern, of course, is that the weather is more unpredictable, and a really good wet weather option is definitely to be recommended. Always remember, when planning an outdoor wedding and applying for your marriage certificate, that BDM will want to know the address of your proposed wet weather venue, if it is different from your first choice.
It’s definitely worth some consideration. Got any questions? Want to run some ideas by me? Give me a call on 021 140 6632.