Memorial Services

Since Covid, there has been a shift in the way we say goodbye to a loved one, with many families now opting for a private burial or cremation and holding a memorial service instead.

What’s the difference?

Often, the format of a Memorial Service is very similar to a Funeral Service. However, at a funeral, the deceased is present. It is usually run by a funeral director, with the burial or cremation occurring following the service.

A memorial service is held following the burial or cremation at a later date, perhaps even several weeks or months later.

Following a cremation, you may choose to have the ashes present – or not – maybe a lovely large photo of your loved-one is a preferable option. It’s completely up to you.

What is the benefit of a Memorial Service?

A memorial service can be held in a home or at another venue not usually reserved for funerals, perhaps in a place that is more suited to the deceased and their friends and family.

It can be at a time and date that works better, especially if there are people coming from further afield, and it means that everyone you want there, can be there.

It can be a more relaxed and sociable event that is a true celebration of your loved-one’s life.

It takes away the stress of organising the funeral in a short space of time, especially while you are feeling the shock and grief of recent loss.

It is usually the more cost-effective option.

The role of a Celebrant in a Memorial Service

You don’t have to have a Celebrant for a Memorial Service. You may choose instead to have a family member officiate on the day or do away with any formality whatsoever. However, there are plenty of ways in which a Celebrant can still be of great assistance.

Celebrants are skilled in ceremony and weaving all the various elements of a Memorial Service together. They are also skilled in writing the life-story (eulogy) of your loved-one and can enable you to have a rich, meaningful celebration of life that incorporates everything you want to do and say on the day.

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